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Access a Network of Lawyers

TiketFix Legal app Lawyers Screen

Whether the ticket was received in Canada or the U.S, we have you covered! Our platform connects you to a large network of attorneys, with many options for each State and Province. With TiketFix, motorists can quickly and safely connect with an attorney who will give you the best outcome on your dispute.

TiketFix Legal app Lawyers Screen

Track the Progress

Without having to waste time and find out the progress of your dispute, Tiketfix allows you to stay updated with every stage of your dispute, while staying in touch with your attorney.

TiketFix Legal app Track Progress Screen
TiketFix Legal app Track Progress Screen

Message your attorney directly

Speak directly with your attorney right from the app, giving you better response times. Our customer service team is also available to assist you at any time. You don't need to chase after your lawyer for updates regarding your case or waste any time making calls and leaving voice messages. With TiketFix you can reach your attorney at any time, from anywhere conveniently.

TiketFix Legal app Track Progress Screen

Plea Deals

Receive plea deals instantly, being able to accept or decline right away, without having to go back and forth with your attorneys for days. If you are not satisfied with the plea offer you can decline it and instruct your attorney to seek better options, increasing the success rate of your case.

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Corporate Services

TiketFix enables fleets, owner-operators, and non-commercial motorists to reach legal services across North America to dispute traffic charges.